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Corrugated wall sheet facade rendering


A 22-acre complex of a green factory for the recycling of petrol.
The factory is located at the industrial area of Dimona with a desert climate area. The petrol is brought to the site and undergoes a process of cleaning and removal of waste.


The factory is one of the best in Israel for handling solvents. Solvents are chemical materials that are used for the manufacturing process of medicine, High-Tec, paints, detergents and more. The Deleksan factory specializes in a number of processes: neutralization, production, extraction, cleansing with active carbon, distillation and more. The factory is an array of five buildings: two sheds - one for cubes and one for tanks, a production building, a service building for the production and a building for a laboratory and administration.


Industrial, Recycling





Corrugated wall sheet facade rendering
Corrugated wall sheet facade section detail drawing
Interior facade factory section detail drawing

The concept of the design was to combine a functional industrial array with a climatic working environment.

The different sheds and the manufacturing building are made of steel and steel plates of different colors with a branched system of pipes in between. The aesthetics for the building is due to the colored pipes, the bridges, the metal boards and the unloading platforms that are made of steel and galvanized mesh.

The administration and laboratory buildings were designed as long buildings that have a bottom part made of exposed concrete and glass. At the top part (office area) we created a double "breathing" shell cladded with perforated metal boards that are not touching the building so a climatic gap created.
Along the office windows, a diagonal shading element was designed. It blocks the sun rays and allows air to get in. The use and emphasizing of the laboratory chimneys at the back part of the building contributes to the building image as a ship.

Corrugated wall sheet facade detail drawing
Corrugated wall sheet facade detail drawing02sss-104a_sec_A2L+ 2020
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