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Steel Beams Connection


An array of two electronic industry buildings with an area of 54,000 m2. Alon building: an electronic industry building with an area of 25,000 m2 that contains five floors of assembly halls and another floor for offices and a gallery with an area of 4,500 m2.

Brosh building: an electronic industry building with an area of 17,000 m2 that contains three floors of warehouses, assembly halls, a kitchen and a dining room on top of the roof. Gefen building: an array of a logistic center with an area of 12,000 that includes 6,000 m2 of new logistics and another 6,000 m2 of manufacturing halls.


The concept for the design was to create manufacturing halls with a "clean" space, in a way that the movement system, the cafeteria and the toilet are placed outside the rectangular outline of the halls. The outside movement systems and the steel thermo acoustic roof are also part of the building's design.


Migdal Haemek


Flex Israel

Facade, Steel Beams, Aluminium Cladding, Tinted Glass
Facde, Steel Beams, Overhang, Alunimum

The Alon and Brosh buildings have the main lobby with the conference rooms above it. These are made of a steel frame, exposed concrete ceiling and glass screen walls.


Inside there are movement systems, protected spaces and other functions that support the manufacturing and assembly halls. The cafeterias are placed in each floor next to the screen walls, overlooking the view.


The upper floors of the buildings, an office floor for the Alon building and a dining floor for the Brosh building, are made of a steel frame columns and beams with openings of about 7.5m.


Above, there is a thermo acoustic roof that is made of a number of metal layers and has great climate qualities. The roof's bottom part is a perforated trapezoid stainless-steel layer that was made by the "Montana" company and has great acoustic qualities. This way, a tall and diagonal space is formed at the dining area and the offices above the gallery and the open space area.


The AC and lighting systems are exposed and are hanging of the ceiling. This way, a species and tall space is formed, with a clear industrial look to it.

Steel Structure
Steel Beams, Exposed HVAC Systems
Glass Facade
Steel and Wood Staircase
Exposed Cieling, Steel and Wood Staircase
Aluminium Cladding Facad Glass and Steel Facade
Glass Facade, Steel Beams
Metal Wall Partition, Steel Beams
Aluminium Cladding Facade, Steel Beams and Tainted Glass
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