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A "green climate" residential building Which strives for a “net zero energy”. The building combined with advanced building technologies. The house is located in a property of Moshav near Zikhron Ya’akov. The area of the property is 2500m2. The area of the house is about 160m2.


The house shell is insulation. The walls contain another layer of industrialized insulation covered with white HPL boards. The layers of the wall are made according to the "breathing façade" method. The windows are made with a high performance glazing.


The roof has 100m2 covered with 45 pv panels multicrystalline that produce 300kvh per month, almost the whole energy demand of the house. The pv panels play another role and create shading for the north and east facade.


The house has natural ventilation to balance the temperature in the midseason and to reduce the energy demand for cooling and heating.


Tel-Aviv, Israel

Nahalt Binyamin

Green building

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