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Interior restaurant photograph steel beams wood stairs banister


The area of the property is 17 acres. The built area is about 300m2.
The project is a new 7-meter-high cover structure for the Refaelo restaurant. It includes a big central space with a gallery floor and a VIP room. On the ground floor there is the kitchen and other functional rooms. The concept of the design was to create a space made of vertical and horizontal surfaces. The facades of the main space were designed as semi translucent surfaces made of glass partitions cladded with Parklex boards on both sides of the façade, the interior and exterior.

The construction at the main space consists of a thermometric roof supported by a series of steel beams that are arranged atop a larger steel beam that is held by a big round wooden column. The walls of the ground floor are made of glass partitions directed towards the outer sitting area and continuing from the interior to the exterior. Atop the outer sitting area there is a pergola made with Parlex boards, same as the façade. The solid surfaces for the kitchen are made of glass and steel frames. The semi translucent surfaces create a special light input during the day. During night time, the light that passes through the cracks of the façade, creates a special and light look to the building.


kiryat Ata


Big center

Facade vertical aluminum panels steel beams glass storefront
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