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Interior office space steel beams overhang with glass and steel partitions in red and bare wood


The aim of this project was to expand Bright Machines‘ headquarters with the building of a Development wing spanning 500 m². 


The new wing was designed to be a ”street“ to the other wings of the building. A central aisle cuts between an open space section (the cafeteria) and the boardrooms that surround it.

The space as a whole was designed and built of vertical and horizontal planes using shades of orange and red reflecting the Bight Machines logo.The colliding planes of aluminum mesh, wood and metal in the ceilings and walls, are supported by beams and posts of steel.

The inner ”street“ facade is built of a continuous Mondrianesque glass partition. Blue, yellow and red fragments adorn the glass-steel partitions. These colored surfaces are reminiscent of the immense paintings of Barnett Newman and other artists of the New York School.


The planes create a singular sense of space, between an art gallery and an innovative, contemporary workplace




Yakum, Israel



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