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Beewise headquarters lays on the outskirts of Kibbutz Beit Ha-Emmek in northern Israel. The company uses advanced bio-technology applications to develop an advanced artificial bee hive named the Bee-Home. The hive is powered by solar energy and is designed to simulate an optimal environment for the bees to inhabit The Bee-Home monitors numerous measures and transmits the data to bee keepers in real time. The hive regulates its own temperature and humidity and helps maintain itself for much of its lifecycle. 


As part of the company’s expansion efforts, Beewise is set to build a new office wing. The offices are designed to serve as an optimal human working environment, incorporating industrial pre-fabricated finishes and a color pallet incorporating the theme of bees, bee keeping.




Beit HaEmek, Israel


Autonomous Beehome


The space is designed and built using converging vertical and horizontal planes in black and yellow. The central glass boardrooms are inspired by the Bee-Home. The ceilings is comprised of floating planes of steel mesh, reflecting a honeycomb pattern. The mesh is supported by bare steel beams and posts. The inner facades of the gallery and the transparency of the boardrooms enables the eye to perceive the entire space at once, giving off a unique sense of continuity. 

The light  penetrate through glass facades and steel mesh, reflected many times over between the different colorful planes in the space, allowing for a sensation ranging between inhabiting a Bee-Home or an innovative, contemporary office space.

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