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Interior office glass steel partitions


In Midtown Tel Aviv Complex we designed the offices of Elia Engineering, a leading firm in transportation engineering solutions. The offices are on the 27th floor of H-Tower and are 100 m² in size.

We have constructed the concept for the design based on the alteration of the facade, using different volumes and materials. The material is at once the function and the concept. A voluminous wooden wall starts out as a kitchen, continues as a work space, and ends as a boardroom meeting the interior of a curtain wall. The ’wall‘ changes and adapts to each function along its length.

Vertical wooden beams order and separate the space. The lines formed, borrowing from the idiom of transportation aesthetics, create a vertical and horizontal composition.

We designed moving light fixtures in the space that suggest street lamp posts and the movement of vehicles.




Tel Aviv, Israel


Elia Engineering

Office wood reception desk wood and glass partitions natural light
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