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Competition for the design of the Commemoration Hall for the fallen soldiers of the engineering corps at Hulda forest.

The Commemoration Hall is designed as an addition to the commemoration site for the fallen soldiers of the engineering corps at the Hulda forest atop a hill overlooking the ("old") road going up to Jerusalem. The commemoration site is a garden with a stone memorial column at its center. The names of the fallen are engraved in the stone. The column overlooks the road to Jerusalem. Facing the road, is a big semi-circle garden. On the north side of the garden there is a small pine grove and a big "Amphitheatre" in building process.

The proposed commemoration building is made of four massive stone walls – "Gabions" made with a steel frame and filled with stones that define the different spaces and create continuity
with the landscape of the site.

A "bridge" (the Beilli bridge) is supported on one side by a set of memorial walls and on the other side by the walls and the roof of the lobby of the new building. The bridge connects the existing site to the new building. The walls, the bridge and the roads are the base of the proposed design that attempts to transform the whole site into a single complex, to a whole place of memory, a place of experience, an experience of memory and landscape.
"The way" and the "journey" at the site are essential for the feel of the place the "journey" also occurs when the site is closed.
The "journey" continues towards the entrance and exhibition hall of the building at two floors along the "bridge". From there it continues to the memory and seclusion halls and the library that make the center of the building. The hall's location and connections are crucial to the project.

The building is made of stone walls - "Gabions" as a symbolic element from the day to day life of the engineering corps and also, like the "bridge", connecting the building to the existing site.


The memorial hall is built with massive walls. Light penetrates from a crack between the walls and the roof.

The yard of the memorial walls is connected to the main entrance yard with a wide set of stairs that creates continuity to both yards. The two yards have viewpoints to the memorial walls and the landscape to the west through the lobby of the building.

The walls of the building and the bridge are lower than the memorial walls so that the structure is gradually revealing itself from the side of the upper existing yard. The building is revealing its western narrow façade all the way to its wide southern facade that
is revealed at its full from the south entrance.




Hulda forest

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