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Natural light through glass curtain wall from inner courtyard


A 34,000 m2 industrial complex that manufactures 3D printers.  The plan includes a combination of two factories and a logistic in one array. There was a demand for the design of different work and production spaces with different technological needs in one integrative building.


A combination of some of the leading technologies around the world today in different arrays: production, assembly, work and an array of a state-of-the-art automated warehouse with different store components of the "Shefer" company.


The building's design is inspired by the shape of a big bird with two wings and a body. The body of the bird is the main lobby and the passages between the different parts of the building that surrounds a big open patio. In the middle of the patio there are two translucent elevators the emphasize the vertical movement in the building. An array of screen walls and glass partitions in different surfaces at the lobby create a strong transparency and reflections. The patio is the center of the building and also connects between the two factories and the logistic center. 




Flex Israel

Aluminium louvers double facade glass curtain wall steel beams

The outer shell of the building is light and represents the "two wings". The diagonal roofs are the "wings" made of a steel frame under a "thermo acoustic" roof.


The industrialized finishing materials: Thermo acoustic roof, screen walls, aluminum louvers on the façades, aluminum plates and insulation panels serve three main purposes: 

  • Isolating the façade and creating an acoustic and a climatic building.

  • Supporting the concept of the design.

  • Efficiency and precision of the high-quality construction.


Building's outline:

12,000 m2 assembly halls, 7,500 m2 mechanical production area and a dry/wet paint room, 3,500 m2 automated warehouse, 6,000 m2 offices, 1,400 m2 dining room and kitchen, 250 m2 E.M laboratory and more.


The office floor, dining room and the upper assembly hall are made of steel beams and columns with openings of about six meters. Above, there is a "thermo acoustic" roof made of several tin layers and has excellent acoustic qualities.


This way, a high and diagonal space is formed in the office area, dining room and the upper assembly hall. The A.C and lighting systems are exposed and are hanging from the light roof and steel frame. This way, an impressive big space with an industrial look is formed.

Facade design sketch
Facade rendering aluminium louvers
facade glass extrusion aluminium louvers double facade
Glass steel curtain wall exposed elevators
Glass curtain wall
Interior lobby steel glass aluminium cladding mesh
Glass extrusion aluminium louvers aluminium cladding facade
Interior office glass steel partition blue pvc
Natural light through glass curtain wall from inner courtyard
Natural light through glass curtain wall from inner courtyard
Factory interior facade aluminium cladding steel beams steel mesh banister
Steel mesh banister perforated steel floor interior factory bridge
Interior office space glass steel partitions carpet hallway
Natural light blue floor through glass curtain wall from inner courtyard
Interior office space glass partitions wood floor
Double facade glass curtain wall steel glass partition
Interior office space steel glass cafeteria
Aluminium louvers double facade glass curtain wall steel beams
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