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Wood louver


A private home in a property of a Moshav near Zikhron Ya'akov.

The area of the property is 500 m2. The area of the house is about 240 m2. The concept of the building is a "farm granary" that is made of two wide gables. In between the gables is a light zinc roof that sits on a steel frame with wooden fillings at the bottom. The long facades of the building are made with glass windows and doors with wooden shutters and steel frame.

The ground floor includes a kitchen (part of the side wall), a dining area, a living room, two bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. The space that is formed in between the glass walls and the wooden shutters creates a "climate" partition. From the ground floor there is a staircase, made of bare concrete, going up to an open study that overlooks the living room and the open space. From this area there is a wooden and steel made bridge leading to a bedroom and a balcony. The house has a basement with service areas and a shelter.   


Zikhron Ya'akov


Booms Family

Home entrance view of garden steel railing door wood louvers
Home entrance view of garden steel railing door wood louvers
Wood louver wall meeting detail
Aluminium pergola glass steel door alouminium louvers double facade shading
Glass steel door wood louver steel beam
Reflective view into house wood steel and glass
People talking in kitchen double height living space
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