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The new Israeli air force

Appearance and design:

The proposal design is based on the idea of "body and wings of a bird". The "body" is the auditorium building that functions as the center of the project and all the exhibition halls surround it.

The "wings" cover the exhibition halls. The cover goes all the way down to the facades and also provides shade.

The façade is dynamic and fits the "sprit" of the air force and the building is designed in a 3d way accordingly.

The movement of visitors thru the building will revolve around the center at the ground floor and at a four-meter-high ramp. The ramp/passage will reach hall E – the main attraction of the visit, that has a dynamic design and overlooks the rest of the hall. 


Construction climate and acoustics:

The "bird wings" is represented with a steel bearing frame with openings of about 7.5 meters with a thermo - acoustic roof made of metal panels and an aluminum panel with great noise absorption abilities. On top of the roof, a big solar cell system can be installed. The steel frame is continuance which makes the building very efficient and will lower the price of the steel frame. The roofs that cover the facades create good shading that can be extended according to the needed natural light for the exhibitions. 


Visitors movement:

A wide entrance structure, that allows a big number of visitors to enter, is designed. A wide "pavilion" was designed and will contain a reception area, information, an area for renting of self-guiding equipment, a bag storage area and a toilet area.

In addition, an exhibition area was designed with sitting areas with sitting steps for groups of soldiers, students and the like as a place for briefings before entering the exhibitions.

From the passage area to the exhibition halls there is a four-meter-high ramp that reaches all the way to hall E – space. So, it allows the visitor a "fast lane" to it. A roofed road is coming from the parking area. The road starts at the First house of Hatzerim that will be preserved. South west of the entrance building, there is a parking lot for buses, handicap parking and VIP parking. 


Exhibition halls array:

The exhibition halls are arranged as continuance spaces around the center "body" which is the auditorium. The floor of the exhibition halls will be made of polished concrete and it will have images of planes. Models of planes will also be hanging from the steel frame of the roof. Four-meter-high bridges with an industrial look will be designed, connecting the exhibition halls in order to allow view points from above and for the visitors to walk thru.


Aviation garden a roofed aviation garden:

The roofed aviation garden is designed as an extension of hall D. It is an open garden with shading. Its section creates a shape of a wing.






Israel air force

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