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A proposal for Mané-Katz Museum and Eliyahu Hall

The project is a proposal is a continues landscape complex for the Louis promenade. A new building, enlargement of the Mané-Katz structures and the synagogue of "Heichal Eliyahu".
The project offers a number of main ideas that refer to the specific special scene that it is located in and to the special functions it has (the Mané-Katz building and the synagogue) and attempts to connect them.

The urban plan
The main idea was is to create an urban space and a roof promenade, from which one can enjoy the spectacular view and to enter the complex. One side leads to the museum and the other to the synagogue. From the entry point there is access to a stage platform, a view point that is the end point of the promenade.

The Mané-Katz building – "House and Gallery"
"New construction" of the existing building (the "House") with preservation of its authenticity, the connection between Mané-Katz, the man, the artist and his collections and the place in which he lived in. The preservation of the special proportions that the "House" and "Gallery" were developed as "old" verses "new". The house as the top floor and the galley as the bottom floor. The original balcony is opened and transforms to a double space that show the changing exhibitions. In the front façade, there is a translucent staircase overlooking the street. At the top "original" part, the artist's works will be displayed. At the bottom part "the gallery", changing exhibitions of Judaica will be displayed along with a library and a show room. On the roof there will be an observation point.

The synagogue building
The synagogue is designed as a "building within a building" in order to achieve flexibility, to adjust to the interior of the synagogue that will be bought and to let in natural light. The inner structure "the nave" is made of concrete, plaster, wood and a copper roof. Its floor is lower and paved with mosaics. The light penetrates between the "nave" and the outer wall. The synagogue's layout was designed as a "complex", much like the ancient synagogues in Israel and other countries. The entrance is through a small courtyard and it has another bigger courtyard on the building's southern side.






2nd Place Winner

Collage of building plan, section and facade
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