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Rendering of facade with steel posts under a light roof overhang with a glass curtain wall


A 5,400 m 2 complex of an industrial electronics building and a visitor center. The electronics building contains assembling halls, offices, dining room and kitchen, a warehouse and a visitor center at the first floor.

The idea was to create a classical building with a system of columns with even openings that support a light roof along the building façade. The roof is sticking out and is shading the south entrance of the building. On the east side there is the main lobby and an array of offices above. On the west side there is a large patio with walls made of a steel frame and an aluminum grid holding vegetation.

At the center of the façade, a white surface was designed so its not touching the it. It has two steel staircases, that lead to the roof the entrance and the visitor center, at its sides. From the roof, one can observe the view of the Golan.

The other side of the visitor center overlooks into the manufacturing halls. The foundation of the building is sitting upon the local basalt stone. The entrance to the building is through a long narrow water pool that stretches along the façade. The sides of the pool and the entry road are also made of basalt stone. The basalt stone represents the ground and the exciting nature. The white façade surface, the columns and the light roof represent the new and technological. The factory's owners give great importance for educating the youth about technology and industry in Israel.





Interior lobby facade concrete floor glass partition aluminum mesh counter steel beams
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