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Ceiling fresco and frieze


A level conservation project of a 200 m2 residential house from the ottoman period in old Acre. The house is located in a street parallel to the western wall that faces the sea.


The conservation work was done after a detailed architectural and engineering survey. The special element of the house is the wooden painted ceiling of the living room. The ceiling was reconstructed in full along with the paintings on the walls of the living room.

The reconstruction of the painted ceiling was done by restoring the ornamented wooden elements and paining it according to the origin. The constructive parts were strengthened. A painted wall of turquois, blue and green was discovered under a layer of pain. It was also restored. 


Old Acre



Stucco limestone restoration window detail
Fresco in gold green limestone wall

Above the doors to the living room there is the seal of the ottoman sultan. The writing on the wall was removed, went through restoration and was placed back.


The interior of the house has a room with a groin vault and four pilasters. The vaults and pilasters were strengthened and restored in full. In addition, we opened a hole at the northern arch to let in natural light. 

The space has a kitchen with a kitchen island. The kitchen was designed in a modern fashion with steel and wood like the lighting elements that are made with steel beams.

The sandstone walls were strengthened and restored. The windows and blinds were restored and replaced. In addition, the balcony facing the sea was restored.


Conservation Engineering: Schaffer & Ronen Ltd. Engineer Yaakov Schaffer. Conservation works: Arco – Conservation & Restoration Ltd.

Ceiling fresco and frieze
View of kitchen through door fishbone stone floor
Wood restroom in bedroom fishbone stone floor limestone wall
Kitchen suspended lighting steel and wood
Wall frieze fresco green blue
View of kitchen through door fishbone stone floor
Gold chandelier on ceiling fresco and frieze in gold red blue and green
Ceiling fresco and frieze marble wall
Man restoring fresco
Marble wall
Marble wall floral decoration
Gold chandelier on ceiling fresco and frieze in gold red blue and green
Fresco detail
Ceiling fresco and frieze circular window
Marble wall fresco
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