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Limestone pavilion steel overhang glyph steel pergola


As part of Acre's visitors center that is located at the festival garden and along with other buildings around it, two pavilions, with a pergola between them, were designed. The idea of erecting a pergola came up thanks to a historic photo showing a pergola from the time of the British Mandate and maybe before that.

The pavilion's design was inspired by the Sabil of the El-Jazzar Mosque in Acre and the Sabil of Abu Nabbut in Jaffa.
The pavilions have a copper roof laying on top of a steel frame and wooden boards. The base is made of stone with glass and steel between the stones. One pavilion is a ticketing office and the other is an information office.


The main idea is that the visitors would come through the historical garden, with the Ficus trees from the Mandate time, that serves as a cool and shaded "oasis" in the summer days. The "wondering" experience of the visitor is preserved in a way that the pavilions were designed as independent units as part of the garden. The overall design of the garden was made by the Rahamimoff Architects firm.


Old Acre


The Old Acre Development Company, Ministry of Tourism.

Limestone pavilion steel overhang glyph steel pergola
Photograph historic survey
Plan drawing han
design sketch
Section drawing detail drawing of zinc dome old city Acre
Plan drawing
Pavilion limestone zinc dome wood pergola
Zinc dome
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