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An architectural contest for the design of the Umm el-fahem Museum for Contemporary Art

The moral and structural concept was to create an educational wing that will connect the city of Umm el-fahem to the museum. As part of the idea of a museum as an educational tool, a long bridge structure was designed as a modern steel Mashrabiya, covered with vegetation, levitating over steel columns.

The building is an attempt to combine tradition and technology with light flowing between the two and connecting them. The people of Umm el-fahem will pass through this wing when going into the museum. The body of the museum is an echo of the terraces around it. The terraces are becoming part of the museum. From there a road, to the wooded area, is formed.

Yoram Popper Architects
Shachar Loolav, Oded Rosenkayer, Elhanan Finerman, Mauricio Rodriguez, Adi Haimovitz




Umm el-fahem


2nd Place Winner

Rendering of Proposal Bridge over Museum into Umm El-Fahem
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